If you have a pure heart My grace will always be on you.

There is nothing which I cannot do for the sake of My devotees.

I reduce all the karmas into heaps of ashes of those who constantly meditate upon Me.

I am agreeable even when you adore any form of deity, or take the support of any guru.

I am a slave to those who forget all worries and constantly meditate upon Me.

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The World Teacher Trust and Lord Dattatreya

“Without My will, no one can come to Me” - Srīpāda

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Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

This website of the World Teacher Trust is intended to communicate the existence of the Grand Cosmic Teaching Principle and its appearance on Earth in Kali Yuga, our present Dark Age.

The Cosmic Teaching Principle is known as Lord Dattatreya in the ancient Indian scriptures. It exists in Sirius and it incarnates upon Earth from time to time, to give impulse to the wisdom teachings upon Earth.

The Earth has a Hierarchy of Teachers, popularly known as the White Brotherhood, whose abodes are in all important mountain ranges on Earth, with their main centers in the Himalayas. The head of the Hierarchy of Teachers upon Earth is called the World Teacher and the teacher that presides over the World Teacher, stationing in Sirius, is called the Teacher to the World Teacher or the Cosmic Teacher. The World Teacher is known as Lord Maitreya, while the Cosmic Teacher is known as Lord Dattatreya. The teaching principle is essentially of Love-Wisdom. Love is the fundamental principle upon which Wisdom is taught by every true teacher.

Lord Dattatreya manifested in the 14th century as Srīpāda Srīvallabha in Pīthikapuram, Andhra Pradesh, South India. He lived for thirty years in the body, conducted extraordinary acts, and taught in the simplest way the Synthesis of Wisdom. He was reborn two more times, one time as Narasimha Saraswati and another time as Swamī Samartha. Through these three incarnations, he established a way of life where Synthesis of Wisdom is followed in daily life. He laid a simple path to the Truth devoid of technicalities and specialties which enable common men and women to follow the Path of Light.

The World Teacher Trust (WTT) is named after the World Teacher. It is an organisation of people who are inspired by the lives and teachings of the great Teachers of Eternal Wisdom. The energy of Lord Dattatreya is the chief energy of the World Teacher Trust.

The effort of this website of the World Teacher Trust is a humble submission to the seekers of Truth without any claims or assertions. The seekers may approach the whole subject and accept whatever is acceptable to their conscience. May this attempt serve its own purpose.