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Daily in the afternoon I seek alms in Srī Pīthikapuram. My arrival is a divine secret.


For Me, all the times – past, present and future – are the same. All the places are same. I can recreate the incidents of any place and of any time.


Without My will, no one can come to Me. Without My will, nobody will have devotion in Me. In a second, I can make a rich man, however rich he is, into a pauper. Just like an eyelid, I will protect the person who is dedicated to Me through mind, word, and deed.

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Places related to Srīpāda

“All the places where He moved, or He will move
will be awakened without our knowledge.”

Pithapuram and Kuruvapuram

Pithapuram in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India, is the place where Srīpāda Srīvallabha passed the first 16 years of His life. In olden times it was called Pīthikapuram. Later, until His disappearance in 1350, Srīpāda mainly stayed in Kuruvapuram. Today it is called Kurugaddi, Kuravapur or Kurupuram. It is located on an island in the Krishna River in Raichur district, at the border between the Indian states of Telangana and Karnataka.

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The Maha Samsthanam

As announced by Srīpāda, a Samsthan (temple and place of worship) got established at His birth place in Pithapuram. It was slowly developed through the relentless activity of Srī Sajjanagada Ramaswamy since 1966. In its centre stand worship and service activities like publishing of books, conducting Poojas and festivals, feeding of the poor, cow worship and accommodating the pilgrims.

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Srīpāda Srīvallabha Maha Samsthanam

Statements of Srīpāda

“Like rows of ants, millions of devotees and groups of yogis visit My Samsthan. I only will decide about who, when, how many, and in what mode they come. It is utterly false to think that simply because they are residents of Pīthikapuram, they can come to Srīpāda Srīvallabha Samsthan and have dārshan. My grace showers ambrosia on worthy ones. It will be like a mirage to unworthy ones.”

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Srīpāda Srīvallabha Maha Samsthanam