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The Book

One who does pious reading of this book will be benefitted of this world and other worlds also.

The Author

Shankar Bhatt! Write about all the sportive plays faithfully in ‘Charitāmrutam’ exactly as they are, and exactly as you see them.


Reading of this book greatly helps in correcting the mental world. Even when this great book is preserved in your room of worship it causes auspicious vibrations.

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Srīpāda Srīvallabha Charitāmrutam: The Book

“The Charitāmrutam is a live stream of a glorious consciousness.”
- Srīpāda

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Srīpāda Srīvallabha Charitāmrutam

The biography of Srīpāda Srīvallabha, avatar of Lord Dattatreya, provides a feeling of being in his very presence and participating in the events. As decreed by Srīpada, the work would be kept secret. It would come to light during the 33rd generation of his maternal grandfather. It came to light in 2001. It was then published in Telugu and has now been translated into several languages.

Shankar Bhatt, the writer, is a first-hand witness of how Srīpāda consults, consoles, and heals full of love and affection. He works on the biography with a tremendous memory about names and details of events. He writes the Charitāmrutam on Bhūrja Patra, bark leaves of the Indian paper birch tree. And he writes it in Sanskrit.

After the disappearance of Srīpāda, Shankar Bhatt continues to live in Kuruvapuram for three more years completing the text. After finishing the Charitāmrutam, he reads it with five persons. He knows from Srīpāda that it won’t be published immediately: after a Telugu version is created his Sanskrit version will vanish and will be transported to a subterranean location under the birthplace of Srīpāda. And the Telugu version will come to light through the thirty third generation of the family of Srīpāda’s maternal grandfather after a certain sign for this is given. Then the book will be published and it will be translated to many languages, also to German. Srīpāda’s name will start spreading all over the world and millions of people will be attracted to His Samsthan, the temple at the birth place of Srīpāda.

As decreed by Srīpāda, the work was kept secret for thirty two generations. The sign for the reappearance of the book was given in 1999. You find the details in Sri Deekshitulu’s description in the Srīpada Srīvallabha Charitāmrutam. In 2001, he gave the book to the Maha Samsthan; it was then first published in Telugu and has been translated into several Indian languages and also English. As predicted centuries ago in the book, the Charitāmrutam is now also available in German. A Spanish and a French translation are on the way.

The book is partly not easy to read, especially for a Westerner. You will encounter numerous names of persons and deities, unfamiliar concepts and expressions. To help the reader, the German edition is enriched with many footnote explanations and a commented register of persons. However, the book is not appealing to the mind but to the conscience of the reader. Its purpose is to awaken the consciousness and the intuition. It is very nourishing, charming, and joyful, and it causes an unfoldment.

It is best to read the book with an open mind and heart, not trying to understand everything. As the great initiate Helena P. Blavatsky said, “Gently to read and kindly to judge” be the approach.

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