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I am Datta. I am the sole phenomenon that pervades millions and millions of universes. Directions are my dress. I am ‘Digambara’.

The Meaning

Only by strict observance of spiritual discipline, you can know My corporeal cosmic form encompassing all forms of deities and all forces as My integral parts, only by strict observance of spiritual discipline.

The Teacher

Even if you are following your own righteous path, if you remember My name, I will protect you like the eyelid the eye.

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“I am Datta. I am the sole phenomenon that pervades millions of universes.”
- Srīpāda

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Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar

Lord Dattatreya is the Grand Teacher or “Guru principle” in the universe. All the teachers in various planes are the manifestation of the one teaching principle who is referred to in the ancient Indian wisdom as Dattatreya.

Lord Dattatreya presides over all yogic activities, anywhere in creation. He is the Cosmic Lord of Yoga. He is an embodiment of the Trinity, the synthesis of the First, Second and Third Logos. He condescended to be amidst the humans on this planet, at the behest of the Seven Seers of Wisdom. He came down in various ages to teach yoga. For the benefit of the humanity in Kali Yuga, the present Dark Age, he took birth and he guided for three continuous incarnations. The first of these incarnations is Srīpāda Srīvallabha (1320 – 1350).

Lord Dattatreya generally resides in Sirius which is called the Dog Star. In Sanskrit, it is known as Sārameya Mandala. Sarama means a dog. Sirius is known in Vedic Astronomy as the sphere of dogs. Dogs are known for their ever watchful awareness. Presiding in Sirius, Lord Dattatreya transmits his energies of synthesis onto our planet. The teachers on the planet, including the World Teacher, are guided by his energy. Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher, is in direct connection with Lord Dattatreya.

A basic understanding of Dattatreya was introduced through a small book, "Sri Dattatreya", by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar.

Sri Dattatreya

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