• Statements of Assurance
  • Connecting with Srīpāda
  • Spiritual Aspiration
  • The Greatness of Srīpāda

Statements of Assurance

If you take Me as a support, I will preach you the path of dharma and also path of karma. I will always protect you from a downfall.

Connecting with Srīpāda

Whoever it may be, if he sincerely chants My name ‘Srīpāda Vallabha Digambarā, Datta Digambarā!’ I will be easily accessible and bring all auspicious developments.

Spiritual Aspiration

Any living creature can attain the grace of Srīpāda only after leaving the darkness of inertia and overcoming the mental wavering of bad arguments, doubts, and distorted interpretations.

The Greatness of Srīpāda

This incarnation is formless but appearing as a human form, attributeless but appearing as one with attributes; a comprehensive form of all deities but looks like a single deity.

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Teachings of Srīpāda 4: The Greatness of Srīpada

“Srīpāda Srīvallabha resides in the hearts of all.”
- Shankar Bhatt

The Twelve Statements of Assurance Connecting with Srīpāda Spiritual Aspiration
Srīpāda Srīvallabha Lord Dattatreya is the cosmic principle of the Teacher, the Guru. He is the teacher of the teachers. He is teaching and enlightening the beings on all planes of existence. The teachings of Srīpāda are simple and profound. Here are some extracts of his teachings.

  • This incarnation of Srīpāda Srīvallabha is a great incarnation that grants instantaneous results. No avadhūta can obtain complete perfection without remembering My name. He cannot overcome the obstacles to yoga.
  • The significance of Datta incarnation is to achieve evolution and development in people without those people being aware of it. Living beings, without any effort on their part or with little effort, travel towards spiritual evolution from the deep inner consciousness in methods unknown to them. This is not limited to the earth only.
  • Without My will, no one can come to Me. Without My will, nobody will have devotion in Me. In a second, I can make a rich man, however rich he is, into a pauper. However poor a pauper is, in a moment I can make him rich. I can make a mad fellow into a healthy person and I can also make a person who is completely healthy into a mad fellow. All powers and siddhis are in My hand.
  • For Me, all the times – past, present and future – are the same. All the places are same. I can recreate the incidents of any place and of any time; I can also create new incidents with some changes. Blessed are the people who know that everything is in My hands.
  • It is only with my intention that all of you remain in your positions. I can make a beggar as a king and I can change a king into a beggar also. I will fulfill all the wishes of my devotees who surrender to Me. However, before granting I will examine whether that devotee can retain so much and whether he will use his capacity and power for the welfare of the world. Whenever I find it necessary, I will turn earth into sky and sky into earth also.
  • I am the one who shines with self-effulgence in all dharmas, religions, and theories! I am the one who is perceived by different philosophies according to their preferences, tastes, and the paths they follow. As I am independent in all respects and as I am not subject to possibilities or impossibilities, I do not have any specified policy. As I shine with dazzling brilliance in all forms of gods and goddesses intrinsically, I am the one who receives all worships, and panegyrics through those respective forms! I am the one who grants grace to all.
  • This incarnation is formless but appearing as a human form, attributeless but appearing as one with attributes; a comprehensive form of all deities but looks like a single deity. It is the ultimate destination for all paths of yoga. All forms of deities that appeared in vision to sages through their individual practices of penance from the beginning of creation are really the divine manifestations of Srīpāda.
  • Srīpāda is omnipotent. However, as He knows the secret of karma, differences will be seen in His treatment of different individuals. The power of love is superior to all other powers.
  • An assurance was given that I will incarnate whenever dharma touches bottom most level, this incarnation of Srīpāda Srīvallabha came in consonance with that assurance. This incarnation is invested with infinite properties like love, peace, mercy, and compassion.
  • The moment I give permission, all due tasks will be done at once.
  • Please note that Srīpāda Srīvallabha will observe us every moment.

“Srīpāda Rājam Sharanam Prapadye”

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