• Statements of Assurance
  • Connecting with Srīpāda
  • Spiritual Aspiration
  • The Greatness of Srīpāda

Statements of Assurance

If you take Me as a support, I will preach you the path of dharma and also path of karma. I will always protect you from a downfall.

Connecting with Srīpāda

Whoever it may be, if he sincerely chants My name ‘Srīpāda Vallabha Digambarā, Datta Digambarā!’ I will be easily accessible and bring all auspicious developments.

Spiritual Aspiration

Any living creature can attain the grace of Srīpāda only after leaving the darkness of inertia and overcoming the mental wavering of bad arguments, doubts, and distorted interpretations.

The Greatness of Srīpāda

This incarnation is formless but appearing as a human form, attributeless but appearing as one with attributes; a comprehensive form of all deities but looks like a single deity.

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Teachings of Srīpāda 2: Connecting with Srīpāda

“Srīpāda Srīvallabha resides in the hearts of all.”
- Shankar Bhatt

The Twelve Statements of Assurance Spiritual Aspiration The Greatness of Srīpāda
Srīpāda Srīvallabha Lord Dattatreya is the cosmic principle of the Teacher, the Guru. He is the teacher of the teachers. He is teaching and enlightening the beings on all planes of existence. The teachings of Srīpāda are simple and profound. Here are some extracts of his teachings.

  • There is nothing which I cannot do for the sake of My devotees. There is nothing, which I cannot lift and there is no problem which I cannot solve for them. People who believe Me through mind, action, and speech, leaving all other dharmas behind are really blessed people. Even if you are following your own righteous path, if you remember My name, I will protect you like the eyelid protects the eye. I am the embodiment of love. You will know Me through love only.
  • I will constantly take care of the welfare of those who adore Me with pure devotion, and those who cast all their burdens on Me and seek total surrender from Me. I am Srīpāda. I am Srīvallabha.
  • I am a slave to those who forget all worries and constantly meditate upon Me.
  • Whoever it may be, if he sincerely chants My name “Srīpāda Vallabha Digambarā, Datta Digambarā!” I will be easily accessible and bring all auspicious developments.
  • I am Datta. I am the sole phenomenon that pervades millions and millions of universes. Directions are my dress. I am “Digambara”. Whoever chants with purity of mind, speech and body “Datta Digambarā! Srīpādavallabha Digambarā! Narasimha Saraswati Digambarā”, I stay there in subtle form.
  • If you are discouraged that you are a sinner, and if you seek My refuge and call Me with love ”Srīpāda Dattā! Srīvallabha Digambarā!” I will in a trice burn all your sins and make you virtuous.
  • Constant remembrance of the name of Srīpāda is the only means of achievement in this and the other world.
  • If you salute your guru, he salutes to his guru and in this way all these salutations will reach Me only, being the First Guru.
  • The love of Srīpāda towards His devotees is superior than the love of 10 million mothers.

“Srīpāda Rājam Sharanam Prapadye”

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