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Daily in the afternoon I seek alms in Srī Pīthikapuram. My arrival is a divine secret.


For Me, all the times – past, present and future – are the same. All the places are same. I can recreate the incidents of any place and of any time.


Without My will, no one can come to Me. Without My will, nobody will have devotion in Me. In a second, I can make a rich man, however rich he is, into a pauper. Just like an eyelid, I will protect the person who is dedicated to Me through mind, word, and deed.

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Places related to Srīpāda: Pithapuram and Kuruvapuram

“All the places where He moved, or He will move
will be awakened without our knowledge.”

The Mahasamsthanam Statements of Srīpāda about the Mahasamsthanam Pithapuram/Mahasamsthanam on Google Maps Kuruvapuram on Google Maps Kuruvapur


“The divine plays of Srīpāda for thirty years from 1320 AD when He was born in Pīthikapuram till 1350 AD when He disappeared in Kuruvapuram, cannot be comprehended even by the Seven Rishis. How can we understand?”

Pithapuram in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India, is the place where Lord Dattatreya took birth in the year 1320 as Srīpāda Srīvallabha. At this place he passed the first sixteen years of his life. In olden times it was called Pīthikapuram. As announced by Srīpāda, a Samsthan (temple and place of worship) got established at his birth place in Pithapuram. It was slowly developed through the relentless activity of Srī Sajjanagada Ramaswamy since 1966.

After his disappearance from Pīthikapuram in 1336, Srīpāda started wandering and went to different places; all his visits were of consequence to those places. He went mostly from Southeast Andhra Pradesh to Northeast India, through Karnataka and Maharashtra. He went to Varanasi (Benares, Kashi), to another centre on the west coast called Gokarna, and to Srīsailam.

Srīpāda then settled at a place called Kuruvapuram (today Kurugaddi, Kuruvapur). It is located on an island in the Krishna River, at the border between Andhra Pradesh (today Telangana) and Karnataka. Many people came to him seeking help and were enlightened. He was teaching and healing and many super-mundane revelations happened around him.

Kuruvapuram Srīpāda stayed in Kuruvapuram until his disappearance in 1350.

Today, there are some small temples in Kuruvapur and Panchadev Pahad, on the opposite side of the Krishna River. It is a spiritually profound place without much outer structures.

Both places can be easily found via online map services:

“Srī Dattatreya is the omnipotent Lord Who provides food to all creatures! He dwells in Kuruvapuram in this Kali Yuga assuming the name and form of Srīpāda Srīvallabha.” -Srīpāda

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